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I am very afraid of the water. Can you help me?

We specialize in helping people who have fear of the water master their fear and swim better than they ever dreamed possible.

How did you learn so much about swimming?

Hard work and good luck. All our coaches have had great coaches themselves. We also have studied swimming for decades to improve our own skills and teach others from what we have learned.

What kind of success have you had teaching adults to swim?

We have had great success teaching adults who come from a wide variety of backgrounds to swim competently. Once we develop rapport with our swimmers in the first session, the growth in skills usually comes very quickly. Importantly, we customize learning to each individual. Because of this, we have only encountered a very small number of people we have not been able to help.

How do you approach customer service?

We live for customer service and individualized instruction. If you are not happy, you can splash Lauren all you like.