Making Waves Milwaukee offers learn-to-swim classes in 7-week sessions. Sessions are offered once a week for 45 minutes. Our initial sessions are November 4-December 16 from 7:00-7:45 pm at the Pulaski pool. The cost for each 7-week session is $50. For those unable to pay, we offer scholarships.

All participants offered a swim cap and pair of goggles to get you started on your swimming journey.

Instruction is offered at 3 levels of initial competence.

Level 1

True Beginner

Level 1 swimmers have very little experience in the water and need help getting comfortable in the water. For instance, Level 1 is appropriate for someone who is uncomfortable putting their face in the water or being in in water over their head.

Level 2

Intermediate Beginner

Level 2 swimmers are more comfortable in the water but need help moving through the water. For instance, Level 2 is appropriate for someone who is limited in how far they can swim because they have not mastered breathing while swimming.

Level 3

Advanced Beginner

Level 3 swimmers have some swimming experience but need help to improve their freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke. For instance, this swimmer may be comfortable swimming about 25 yards, but not much more. They are comfortable in the water and with breathing but need help with technique to get much beyond 25 yards.

Join us!

We run 7-week sessions. Our first splash is at the Pulaski County Pool and we will be offering ongoing sessions throughout the year.

Instructors working 1-on-1 in Level 1

Get the attention to help you learn

We offer swimming in 7-week classes, each lasting 45 minutes. High instructor-to-student ratios to provide individualized attention. Run right into the water and we are there with you!

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